Pfizer-Celebrex-Bextra-Case“Great leadership is the one sure thing that separates truly exceptional organizations from the rest. Hobart and Sendek have nailed it with this book. We are in a new century and leaders need new skills and capabilities to lead their current and future workforce. This book shows you how to be a 21st century leader.”
-Stephen J. Kontra, vice president, Global Learning & Development, Pfizer Inc.

logoNCSU“Insightful and well-conceived, Hobart and Sendek blend unique perspectives about the often misunderstood, yet talented crop of Gen Y workers. A must read for educators, employers, administrators, and leaders who seek guidance on effectively blending old-school concepts, work ethics, and technology with today’s vibrant and creative next generation. The book is positive, upbeat, and optimistic about where this generation can take us if we effectively partner with them.”
-Dr. Rick Brandenburg, Wm. Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor, North Carolina State University

What-Keeps-Leaders-Up-at-Night“Hobart and Sendek provide a great resource for leaders and consultants navigating the ever-changing landscape of generational challenges in the workplace.”
-Nicole Lipkin, Psy.D., author, What Keeps Leadership Up at Night and Y in the Workplace

images“Gen Y is firmly in the workforce and leaders better understand them to be successful. Hobart and Sendek show leaders how to respond to Gen Y’s need for learning, recognition, fairness, and flexibility and take advantage of their willingness to collaborate and innovate. The book is must reading for managers in all types of organizations.”
-Manuel London, PhD, dean, College of Business, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Unknown“It’s not that corporate America can’t afford to ignore generational differences anymore; it’s that corporate America can’t afford not to harness them. If youth are our future, that future belongs to organizations that know how to manage, motivate and mentor Millennials into leaders. Hobart and Sendek are here to show you how it’s done.”
-J. M. Henderson, author and contributor, Generation Meh, Forbes

images-1“Hobart and Sendek absolutely nailed the challenges and joys of working with Gen Y. It is a must read book for any business leader.”
-Dave Kinnear, CCE-Board Certified coach and Vistage chair

Unknown-2“Hobart and Sendek have teamed up to author a remarkable book on an ‘evergreen’ topic. It promises to put you on the path to managing Generation Y employees and their impact on the future of your success as a leader!”
-Carol Hacker, author of 14 books including the best-selling, Hiring Top Performers

Unknown-1“Gen Y Now reframes the workplace canvas by painting generational differences as diversity, not adversity.”
-Melissa Hider O’Brien, learning specialist, Black & Veatch

Unknown-3“The case studies and practical research alone make this new edition a winner. As a bonus it’s a fun read as well.”
-Rick Crandall, editor, Thriving on Change in Organizations

espnlogo“I have long appreciated Herb Sendek’s ability to unite and inspire his players to perform at a higher level. That degree of selflessness is only possible when true leadership is pres- ent. Herb and Buddy have taken these concepts and applied them to business strategy. Gen Y Now provides leaders with real-world tools to build a winning plan.”
-Jeff Van Gundy, NBA analyst for ESPN and former NBA head basketball coach

images-3“If we look back across the generations that came before us, we recognize that each confronted unique challenges and, for better or worse, shaped the world. As a university president now welcoming freshman classes that have never known a time when the Internet was not ubiquitous or when an unlimited scope of information was not at their fingertips, I can attest to the fact that Generation Y operates in a different modality. Buddy Hobart and Herb Sendek offer astute commentary on the implications and potential of this generational sea change for those who seek to operationalize leadership.”
-Dr. Michael M. Crow, president, Arizona State University

Unknown-5“Gen Y Now is a compelling account of the demographic trends facing the organizations of tomorrow, coupled with strategies for the managers and leaders of today.”
-Michael McQueen, author, The New Rules of Engagement

Unknown-6“Gen Y Now provides important insights into the realities of tomorrow’s workforce; realities that dispel some of the common myths about this generation and guide you to understand their real value and importance.”
-Bette Price, CMC, coauthor, GenBlending: Ten Surprising Trends about Generation Y that Will Make or Break Your Business

Unknown copy“Gen Yers are potential champions for any business. I’ve had great success with giving people goals and letting them go at them. With this book, you can, too.”
-Andrew Wood, author, Traits of Champions

logo2“It is natural to push back against the habits of Gen Y, but Gen Y Now presents a compelling motive to do just the opposite. Read this book to tap into the advantages of Gen Y—ahead of your competition.”
-Jeff Taylor, MillennialMarketer.com

Unknown-7“This book is right on target. It not only helps leaders gain an awareness of the challenges, it also provides real world strategies for success.”
-Doug Collins, four-time NBA all-star, head basketball coach, and sports analyst