Be Ready for the Evolution of Leadership

Gen Y Now CoverLeaders throughout history have always had to face and overcome challenges. This is the nature of leadership. When faced with an obstacle, leaders call on their teams, advisors, instinct, and past precedent to determine the best course of action. Rarely do leaders face a challenge that has never, in some form or another, been addressed by someone else. Usually, there is some sort of past experience to draw upon. Until now.

As a leader you are faced with a very unique challenge. One that has NEVER before in history been faced by business leaders. For the first time in history, there are four generations of workers in the workforce and consumers in the marketplace. Four distinct generations of people who bring their own personal and generational challenges to the work world and to buying decisions.

As Traditionalists and Baby Boomers age and retire Gen X and Gen Y will be replacing them as both employers, future leaders and as consumers.  Gen Y represents 80 million people ages 18-36 and will be your future workforce AND customer base.  This generation brings a different perspective to the work AND purchasing/customer experience.